Kegerator Cleaning Kit Rentals

$25 per week (Plus a refundable deposit of $100)

Ever kit comes with:

  • Cleaning bottle
  • Pour spout shank line connector
  • Cleaning brush
  • Spinner wrench
  • Chlorine stabilizer cleaning powder
  1. Turn off your CO2 Tank at the tank.
  2. Disconnect your keg coupler from the keg and remove the keg from the fridge
  3. Put a bucket inside the fridge in place of your keg and place your keg coupler in bucket.
  4. Using the Spanner Wrench remove the Faucet (AKA) pour spout from the shank. (Note: Left hand Threads)
  5. Take apart your Faucet (AKA) pour spout: (it should come apart in 4 major components see Diagram Below for part #’s)
    1. Component ONE (part #’s 1); Unscrew the tap handle and set aside (clean separately)
    2. Component TWO ( part #’s 2,3,4,5,6); Unscrew Bonnet (part 3) from the Faucet Body and pull straight up on the lever (part #6)
    3. Component THREE (part #’s 12 which includes part #’s 9,10,11); Remove the sliding shaft (part 12) by pushing on it from the front and it will slide out the back of Faucet Body.
    4. Component FOUR (part # 7); the Faucet or Pour Spout Body.
  6. Place all 3 pour spout peaces in the bucket with the coupler (you do not need to put tap handle in the bucket.)

(Note: You might want to wear gloves for the next couple of steps.)

  1. 2Put 2 Tablespoon of cleaning powder into the cleaning bottle and add warn water to it. Put the cap on the cleaning bottle and swirl the solution around till most of the powder has dissolved.
  2. Attach the hose from the cleaning bottle to where you just removed the pour spout from, The Faucet Shank on your kegorator tower. Screw it in and tighten with the shank wrench.
  3. Lift cleaning bottle higher than the tower on your kegorator and let solution follow down through the hose and out the coupler in the bucket that is in the bottom of the fridge (Note: you may have to give it a little squeeze to get it following).
  4. When bottle is almost empty lower the cleaning bottle and place on top of kegorator, you MUST allow the cleaning solution to sit in the beer line for 10 to 15 minutes, longer if you haven’t cleaned your lines in a while.
  1. After 5 mins of soaking in cleaning solution in the collection bucket in your fridge now is the time to clean your Faucet Assembly, while you are waiting for the beer line to finish soaking. Use the Faucet Brush to scrub all your faucet pieces. Make sure to scrub all of the internal surfaces of the Faucet body really well as this is where you are most likely to have a build up of contaminants.
  2. Rinse all Facet pieces under cold running water or soak in a bowl of fresh water.
  3. Inspect you Faucet piece1s for contaminants build ups such as Mold or Beer stone (looks like Toffee or candy). Also check all rubber seal to make sure they are not split or cracking.
  4. Reassemble Faucet and set aside.
    1. Insert Slide shaft (part #12) into the facet body from the back to front. (Make sure the hole is facing up to connect to the Lever.)
    2. Insert Lever (part# 6) into the hole in the slide shaft and tighten the Bonnet (clockwise) (may need pliers)
  1. After a minimum of 10 minutes soaking your beer line disconnect the cap from the Cleaning Bottle and empty Cleaning Bottle. Be sure to rinse toughly, then refill with Fresh water.
  2. Dump out collection bucket, rinse and put back in place.

(Safe to remove gloves now)

  1. Run the fresh water trough the beer line same way you did the cleaning solution by raising the bottle above the tower to start the follow of fresh water (see step 8&9). Keep going till bottle is empty.
  2. Repeat step 17.
  3. Disconnect the cleaning hose from the tower using Spanner Wrench.
  4. Reattach Faucet tighten with Spanner Wrench.
  5. Remove collection Bucket and reconnect your keg and put keg back into the fridge.
  6. Turn CO2 Tank back on. (if you have a new keg be sure to reset your regulator back to 8PSI which is a good starting pressure for most kegs) NOTE: it’s always easier to adjust your CO2 pressure up then it is to go down on your CO2 pressure.
  7. Open faucet and pour glass of beer this should clear the line of water and refill line with beer. DO NOT DRINK THIS GLASS OF BEER!!
  8. Pour your beer and adjust CO2 pressure if needed.