Tapping a keg of beer is a relatively simple thing to do. But before you’re ready to tap the keg, there are a few things you’ll need to do first…

If your keg of beer has just undergone significant jostling (like in a vehicle), it will need to sit for 1 to 2 hours before you tap it. Tapping a keg that has been shaken will result in foamy beer.

CHILLING PROCESS Beer should be around 2-4◦C. While your beer is un-jostling itself, set it in a tub filling the remaining room with ice. The ice should be able to cool the beer within an hour. If your keg is outside on a hot, sunny day, add ice as needed. TIP: In a Keg the pick-up for the beer is at the bottom of the keg, so to ensure the bottom of your keg is cold add 4-6L of water to the Ice Tub first before adding keg and ice. The water at the bottom of the keg will always be ice cold.

Note: if you add salt to the water it can go below zero degrees without freezing.

            **Next step slightly different from video**

Next, Line up the two notches on the keg with the two indentations on the bottom of the tap, slide into the keg. Then rotate the tap clockwise a quarter turn (it should stop but NOT be engaged) and then push down and turn a quarter turn again until snug to engage. The tap should lock into place (= to half a turn Clockwise). This will open the beer and CO2 ports in the keg. The keg is now tapped, you’ll know it’s done right when Beer is flowing!

The first few beers that you draw from the keg will probably be foamy. Just set them down and let them settle.

Lastly, DO NOT PUMP THE TAP RIGHT AWAY! There is plenty of carbonation in the keg to get it started. Open the faucet to start the flow of beer. Only pump the tap when the beer flow begins to slow down.  Open the faucet quickly and all the way. You may find at first the flow to be faster than desired; this is normal due to the CO2 pressure in the keg, you can use the Pressure Release Valve to bring pressure down if desired. Don’t over pump!!!!!! This will cause foaming. If you do over pump the keg, push the Pressure Release Valve on the side of the pump to release extra pressure on the beer.

TO REMOVE THE PUMP Push down on the wing handle hard and turn counter clockwise while holding down.  The lock will come undone, if you have trouble getting it off its ok to leave it on the keg when you bring it back.  Put the pump back in the box for return.


When pouring beer into a glass, tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle and pour down the side of the glass. This will prevent any excessively large head from forming.

Keep in mind that you are pumping oxygen into the keg. Oxygen is bad for beer and will cause it to go flat in a day or so. If you have beer left over; and want to use it the next day, disengage the pump with a quarter turn counter clockwise (Pump should pop up but still be on the keg), and push the pressure release valve. Keep the keg iced down!!!! It may lose some of its freshness the next day but should still be ok to drink.