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How do I order a keg?

Call or email us 604-251-4842 or

Before you call there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What beer do I what?
  2. What beer do I normally drink and am I open to suggestions
  3. Over how many days and how fast will I be pouring my beers?
  4. Do I want it delivered or do I want to do a self pick up at UNAB?
  5. What type of environment and temperatures will you be pouring in?

How much notice do I need?

  1. Preferred breweries are usefully on hand same day, all others min 72 hours to bring it in.

Can I return unopened liquor?

  1. Yes, any unopened liquor returned to us is subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Do you fill kegs on site?

  1. NO!!! only the Breweries can fill kegs. Our job is to pick up and distribute the kegs from the Breweries, then return the empty keg to them for cleaning and refilling.

Do you refill CO2?

  1. Not on site, but we do have tanks for exchanges. That’s why the tanks have a deposit on them. NOTE: all our CO2 gas is “Food Safe”

Do I need a credit card?

  1. For a basic keg package with a hand pump NO.
  2. For and Advanced Package with CO2 equipment YES!!!

How do I stop my keg from foaming?

  1. See our Keg Tapping 101 series complete with videos.

Do I need CO2 for a hand pump?

  1. Hand Pumps are for pouring over one or two days at most. Hand pumps push air onto the beer which makes it go flat and change the flavour over the long term.
  2. CO2 is always better, but is designed for multiple pours in a row or in the long term it keeps the beer from going flat.

How long do I have the equipment for?

  1. All of our rentals are a week long. There is no need to rush to finish the beer be safe take your time.
  2. You can also extend your rental for another week if needed. Just call us to get an extension on your agreement (added fee may apply).


How long does a keg last after you tap it?

  1. Only a couple of days if it’s a hand pump.
  2. 90 days if its on CO2

What the heck is a cooler box?!

  1. It a Mobile CO2 Draft beer dispenser that doesn’t require any electrical power to use it. You only need ice to chill the beer as it pours. This makes it ideal for parties in the park or to Beer Rep’s for tastings where you can’t plug in a fridge.

Is delivery free?

  1. NO! we make NO mark up on the beer itself. We charge a handling fee per order to manage the kegs back and forth to the Breweries.

Can you get any kind of beer in kegs?

  1. Almost any Brewery that produces a keg. Having said that it’s up to the individual Brewery to decide weather or they wish to participate in our keg.