Farm Country Brewing's Women's Day 2024: Crafting Empowerment with Every Sip

Farm Country Brewing (FCB) marks International Women’s Day 2024 with a toast to empowerment, inclusivity, and the pioneering spirit of women in the craft beer industry. Kati Trip, FCB’s Tasting Room Manager, shares the story behind their celebrated Women’s Day Tap Takeover event, highlighting the collaborative efforts, the beers crafted, and the impact of these initiatives on the craft beer landscape.

A Brew of Collaboration and Learning

The journey began in 2021, with the goal of engaging the women at Farm Country Brewing in the brewing process. This initiative blossomed into the annual Women’s Day Tap Takeover, an event that sees each participating brewery, including FCB, crafting their own special beer to honor the day. Notably, The Barley Merchant joined forces with KPU Brew Lab this year to create a collaborative Women’s Day beer, showcasing the spirit of unity and creativity.

The Brew Team’s Composition

Guided by FCB’s brewmasters, Jack and Bradley, the brewing team was an all-women crew, including Kati Trip and FCB’s founders, Carrie and Erin. This setup was intentional, aiming to provide a platform for women to lead, learn, and innovate within the brewing process.

The Beers: A Toast to Women’s Achievements

The initiative has led to the creation of unique beers, each with a story. Kati Trip herself has been part of brewing “Two Tickets to Paradise,” a brew that has been so popular it’s been remade in large batches twice. This beer, among others crafted for the occasion, serves as a testament to the creativity and skill of the women at FCB.

Breaking Stereotypes, One Beer at a Time

The craft beer industry has seen a positive shift, with more women taking on significant roles. 

FCB challenges the stereotype that beers marketed towards women need to be fruity or fragrant, aiming instead to cater to all palates. Their diverse beer lineup, including fruited beers, is a strategic move to welcome more women into the craft beer fold. 

Empowerment Through Community and Mentorship

FCB’s Women’s Day Tap Takeover is not just an event; it’s a platform for mentorship, learning, and community building. The brewery also champions diversity and inclusion through various initiatives, supporting organizations like the Pink Boots Society Canada and the Ishtar Society, and hosting events like Dragged Out Sunday.

The Future: Brewing Opportunities and Community Impact

Looking ahead, FCB is committed to continuing its support for women in the craft beer industry, aiming to create more opportunities and foster a welcoming environment. The success of their Women’s Day beers is measured not just in sales but in the cultural and community impact, with the initiative receiving widespread support from the craft beer community.

Advice for Aspiring Women Brewers

For women facing challenges in entering the craft beer industry, the message is clear: be persistent, advocate for yourself, and pursue your passion. FCB’s initiatives, particularly the Women’s Day Tap Takeover, stand as a beacon of hope and empowerment, encouraging women to forge their paths in the craft beer world.

FCB’s celebration of International Women’s Day 2024 goes beyond the brewing of special beers; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive, diverse, and empowered craft beer industry, one where women’s contributions are celebrated and their potential is limitless.

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This Month's Specials

What's Happening in the City

Event NameDateAddress & Description
BC Ale Trail North of the Fraser February PassportFeb 28–Mar 27Tinhouse Brewing Co., 550 Sherling Pl #2140, Port Coquitlam, BC. A passport event exploring the craft beer scene.
Babies & Brews at Mariner BrewingMar 5, 12Mariner Brewing Company, 1100 Lansdowne Dr H, Coquitlam, BC. Enjoy craft beers in a baby-friendly setting.
Camp Beer Co. – Community TapMar 13Camp Beer Co, 19664 64 Ave, Langley, BC. Community gathering with local craft beer.
Street Art & Craft Beer Tour of VancouverMar 4-31, Apr 1-30The Birds, 1650 Manitoba St, Vancouver, BC. Explore street art and craft beer in Vancouver.
Paint Nite: Lavender FallsMar 24East Van Brewing Company, 1675 Venables St, Vancouver, BC. A painting experience with craft beer.
Yoga on Tap at East Van BrewingMar 24East Van Brewing Company, 1675 Venables St, Vancouver, BC. Yoga session followed by craft beer tasting.
$3 Beer ThursdaysMar 7The Library Square Pub, 300 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC. Special beer prices at a cozy pub.
Rise & Grind: Morning Yoga and CoffeeMar 17House of Funk Brewing, 350 Esplanade E #101, North Vancouver, BC. Start your day with yoga and coffee.
Spring Wild BrunchMar 24Wildeye Brewing, 1385 Main St, North Vancouver, BC. A brunch event with a seasonal menu.
Yoga on Tap at Patina BrewingApr 27Patina Brewing Co. Brew House & BBQ, 2332 Marpole Ave, Port Coquitlam, BC. Yoga session in a brewery setting.

Hops & Giggles: Brewed Laughs for Beer Lovers

1. Why did the IPA break up with the lager?
Because it found the lager too “light” on personality!

2. What did the beer say after a long day at work?
“I need a little mead time.”

How do you make a beer disappear?
Put it in my hand!

4. What’s a beer’s favorite type of party?
A foam party!

5. Why did the beer go to therapy?
Because it had too many bottled-up emotions!

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