(Vancouver Island Brewing) Victoria Pilsner- 50L


5.5% ABV | 22 IBU | 4.5 SRM

Brewed in the Dortmunder style, this golden export lager is a rich, full-bodied beer. A celebration of the place our brewery calls home, Victoria Lager is our way of sharing a little piece of the Island with you, no matter where you go.

  • Superior Pilsner, Czech Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, Cara-Pils, Midnight Wheat
  • Galena (60), German Tradition (15), Northern Brewer (0,FV)
  • Moderate biscuit malt. Low spicy hops. V. low sulphur. Moderate cracker and biscuit malt character. Low noble hop character. Balance is slightly toward the malt, which is apparent in the finish.